March 1st, 2007


(no subject)

Snow. Schools closed. University closed. IR-fucking-S closed. Are we closed? Hells no!

Slogged out at 7:45 to find a bus. Found bus. Bus was stuck in snow. "I've been here for an hour. We're kinda low on the list. Come in and get warm, anyway." Sat in unmoving bus for half an hour, calling office from mobile to see if anybody else had even turned up. Saw blind man picking his way through snow w/cane.

Thanked nice bus driver, went back home to make coffee and attempt shoveling. Footprints made half-hour earlier were already filled in. Alternated between 500 pounds snow and half-episode of Dead Like Me. Got the driftiest bits of the drive done, decided I couldn't stand being in the goddamn house anymore without punching Mandy Patinkin through the video screen. Poured remainder of coffee in Jar-Jar Binks travel mug as way of saying Fuck You to universe, set car to ramming speed, broke out of driveway.

Roads hideous. However, I can drive like a motherfucker when I have to, and despite A Street's best efforts, did not spin out and into a tree at a blazing 10 mph. (Hint: Turn into the skid.) Arrived at office at crack of Noon.

To sum up: snow.