March 15th, 2007

saturn by grac3land

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Went home, went to bed, set alarm for Lost. Was so lacking in decent REM sleep that I immediately fell into:

Ann: To my side, minions! We must drive the pink Nazis from the giant Akihabara toy shop!
Eddie Izzard: Here, lord!
Dylan Moran: Wait. What?
Eddie Izzard: Wonder Stand-Up powers, activate! Form of a transvestite!
Dylan Moran: Shape of a--wait, no, fuck this.
Ann: Goddammit, you guys...
Eddie Izzard: (hits Dylan Moran in the head)
Dylan Moran: Ow. Fine. Shit. Shape of...a guy who's going to sit over there and have a drink now all of you fuck off also I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be in Australia right now.
(Transformation flash!)

etc. etc.
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