May 7th, 2007

Hot Fuzz jump

Fiction Post: A Selection of Drawings by Miss Wickerman's Class, Sandford Primary School

Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Rating: I...couldn't begin to guess. SFW. Contains large images.
Spoilers: Pretty much the entire movie.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, obviously. Paper by Mead.
Summary: Reprinted by kind permission of the British Journal of Children's Art Therapy
Archive: Please ask first

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ann and john watch the last act of 'prehistoric park' even though john doesn't get that channel

[Nigel, the time-traveling zookeeper, has gone to prehistoric Texas to capture a crocodile the size of a Winnebago. He is trying to do this with a Jeep, a rubber raft, and a whole bunch of meat. Meanwhile, in the present, Martha the wooly mammoth is isolated from the elephant herd and very depressed, while the newborn sabre-tooth tiger cubs are being hand-raised.]

Everheart: Okay, now the crocs and the Albertasauruses are fighting over the bait from Nigel's trap. DIDN'T THINK IT THROUGH! DIDN'T THINK IT THROUGH!*
ThePrairieNinja: :D
Everheart: Nigel has a new plan. Oh good HE'S USING HIMSELF AS BAIT 'CAUSE THEY'RE OUT OF MEAT. Yeah, Steve Irwin's spirit carries on...
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