May 29th, 2007

hot fuzz sharing monkey by crantz

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Cell connection seems to be thoroughly cocked up, so if you've called or texted and haven't had a reply, it's because I hate youVirgin Mobile blows goats. Or, in Susan's case, I was stuffed in the back of a small car with Jennie and Bea and couldn't get to my pocket.

Have conned, er, invited Gretchen and Sharon to Hot Fuzz tonight, at the cool old theater in Ann Arbor. New souls for the faith, or I will be found beaten to death behind the Pringles auditorium at UMich.

Went to Vault of Midnight, where we found designer vinyl and action figures. No Shaun 'n Ed two-pack yet, but at least this time the store had a clerk who knew what the fuck I was talking about. Sharon has a wodge of Star Wars books, so she's happily reading out on the deck.

MediaWest report later. Gretchen is showing me how to use a hammock.
Fucking Hilarious


And it has just been pointed out to me that laptops work in hammocks.

So, what we apparently have here is a bed made of rope. Huh.

Gretchen's deck is in the middle of a sea of trees, and I am floating in it. NO STOP ROCKING thank you. I think I may just stay here for a while.

She also has a hot tub thing, which I was allowed to use last night. I am not small, but was still biffed around like a floaty carnival duck. I also broke one of the buttons (fixed it), and got my hair sucked into a water jet. We'll call it a draw.
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Persuaders Mazel Tov by sepiamagpie


Swans, when they (for want of a better word) run across the water, make GO AWAY STUPID BEE a very loud THOP THOP THOP THOP THOP noise. It may be their wings beating close to the surface. Hard to see through the trees.

There is also a bird that sounds like someone strangling a kitten. Gretchen says she doesn't know what it is.
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