June 2nd, 2007

Hot Fuzz jump

Fiction Post: Don’t

Why does this keep happening?

TITLE: Don't
FANDOM: Hot Fuzz
AUTHOR: annlarimer
WORD COUNT: 2,000-ish. I wanted this to be a page, I swear.
RATING: R, fer the cussinatin’
SUMMARY: "I can't believe you did that, you fucking great TWAT!"
WARNINGS: American spelling, minor movie spoilers, title stolen from Grindhouse
NOTES: Author likes c&c. Are the tenses fuxored?
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Are you kidding? I can't even take proper care of a fish.
ARCHIVE: Please ask first.


It was, as the fellow had said, another beautiful day in God's country. As always, the Sandford Constabulary were to be found wherever they were needed -- in this case, encouraging a small flock of unescorted sheep to leave the main road and return to their field, after some clueless walker had left a gate open. This had been sorted with a minimum of fuss and bleating, and a stern warning to the bellwether, Elaine, to refrain from that sort of behavior in the future. She had taken it well, as sheep generally do. Collapse )