August 8th, 2007

Hello Fry and Laurie by ablog_ortwo

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Watched Flash Gordon while eating jaffa cakes. Life is good.

Just now:

Sharon (pointing at my Paranoia Agent man-bag with the scary-ass pink dog on it): Aw, that's cute!
Me: Actually it comes to life and torments its creator.
Sharon: Paranoia Agent. That's cute. I like that.
Hot Fuzz stop writing by lightningbird

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I should mention that the new release of Flash Gordon has lame extras (shorts with Alex Ross and Lorenzo Semple Jr., "trailer" for the upcoming Sci Fi series that consists of a logo and a music sting, and the first episode of the 30s serial). But the transfer is nice -- no bouncy mattes like the one that Sci Fi uses -- and the packaging quite lovely, a hinged box and a nifty little Alex Ross print.

I should get my Richard Amsel poster framed. That thing's awesome.

Strange to think that the last time I saw this in widescreen and uncut was two days before John Lennon was killed.
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