November 1st, 2007

Clancy the Great

well, fudge

Had all of two trick-or-treaters. One was tiny boy from next door, dressed in full-body Satan costume and perfectly adorable. He got the Batman action figure:

Tiny Boy: What's he say?
His Mom: I don't know.
Ann: He says, Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, Batman!
Tiny Boy: [stares]

The other was a Grim Reaper, with latex mask and improvised garbage-bag cloak. He wasn't much for small talk. "Thag you. I gan't breathe."

So by 7:00 I got all depressed and went to the bookstore and the video store. The Christmas shit is out at the bookstore, and looks dire. Video store had the new Phoenix anime, which went tapockata tapockata in my machine, so I watched part of Hot Fuzz in French instead. L'Inspecteur Frank Butterman, he aime le Far-West, yup. My French is really sad.

So now I've got a giant basket of chocolate and Happy Meal toys, and a video I have to return.