November 7th, 2007


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Spent the evening mounting rubber stamps.

No, not that way.

What happens is, instead of buying your stamps all finished with big fat chunky handles, you buy just the red rubber dies -- the part with the image on it. You can get them individually, or you can buy them in sheets (usually themed in some way). They're much cheaper (often half the cost of wood mounted stamps -- and considerably less if you find a box of 'em at a stamp show), and easier to ship (an envelope instead of a box).

Anyway, the stamp or sheet turns up in the mail. You cut the images you want out of the sheet (DO NOT USE THE GOOD FABRIC SCISSORS, GODDAMMIT!), put them on two-sided sticky pad, trim the pad down to fit the stamp, and stick the whole thing onto a piece of wood, spool, little bitty mint tin, or whatever you have that's an appropriate size. (You can stamp the image onto the wood before you stick it on, or stamp it onto a sticker and put it on the wood.) And you have stamp.

The only annoying bit is if you have to cut a piece of wood to fit a stamp. If you're not woodshoppy, there will be blood and cussin'. (Cut-up mousepads work as well, if not better, but at the moment I have lots of wood and no old mousepads.)

Anyway, lots of good new stamps. Disturbing baby doll, spazzy wind-up Felix toy, Alsatian head, etc. I'm rather attached to a Nixon quote: STONEWALL IT. SHIT, DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THE PLAN.

If you want to give it a try, you can do worse than