November 8th, 2007

Pillpopping House by fictionbya

whiney little runt

Phoenix copy #5 is not functioning at optimal technogobblety. Best Buy has no more copies in stock. Returning it tonight should be an adventure, since they say they only exchange for copies. Can. I. Speak. To. A. Manager. Please.

Maybe tomorrow night.

I just want me some Tezuka, is all. Woeface.

Also, I accidentally deleted half the story I'm writing, and ripped my pointy finger open on the back door deadbolt.
Sailor Moon Transform by trippy77

my stamps, let me show you them

So, once you mount your stamps, what do you do with them?

Notebook pages, decorated. Click for more biggenerism.

Saxon gets a two-page spread, because he's just that awesome.

I can't remember whose Andys icon that is. I suck. [ETA: It's swankyfunk's!] I love the Russian fingerprint stamp.

"Cooties" icon by nerdork_icons.

Images made from rubber stamps, rub-on transfers, LJ icons, and some gel pen touch-up.