November 26th, 2007

Hot Fuzz hi nick

fic post - Drabble: Danny Butterman's Terrible Ideas

TITLE: Drabble: Danny Butterman's Terrible Ideas
FANDOM: Hot Fuzz
AUTHOR: annlarimer; prompt by crantz, who is keen on hedgehogs
WORD COUNT: 100. 'Cause, drabble
RATING: PG for don't try this at home
SUMMARY: Does what it says on the tin
WARNINGS: American spelling
NOTES: Not intellectually taxing in any way
DISCLAIMER: Obviously not mine.
ARCHIVE: Please ask first.

  • Constructing quarter-scale trebuchet in Callahan Park.

  • Volunteering to be first projectile launched from quarter-scale trebuchet constructed in Callahan Park.

  • Building elaborate Habitrail in station for hedgehog.

  • Joining components of elaborate Habitrail with superglue.

  • Attempting to rescue hedgehog from Habitrail with leaf blower.

  • Constructing homemade ghillie suit, with freeze-dried rabbit mounted on hat. Wearing homemade ghillie suit with freeze-dried rabbit mounted on hat while lying in wait for poachers. Repeatedly.

  • Deputizing swan.

  • Deputizing hedgehog.

  • Inventing the lager colada.

  • Attempting to construct record-breaking Guy Fawkes stuffed with fireworks and petrol.

  • Opening portal to Hell in Station basement.