December 3rd, 2007


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Tagged by swankyfunk. Goddammit, I've tried this before, and I can never come up with seven things. I'm dull. Deal.

(T)he deal is that I write seven facts about myself and then tag seven people down below and they write seven things about themselves. Because obviously we don't talk enough about ourselves on our blogs.

1. I was once almost run over by Weezer's tour bus. My first thought: OMG, Weezer's in town???

2. I got A's in high school science, but quit it for the vocational track because I didn't want to kill a frog. This worked out pretty well, because I got to take pilot ground school.

3. Contrary to rumour, I am not afraid of flying. However, being put in a hot noisy metal box and shaken makes me barfy and frightened. United Airlines, the Back to the Future ride at Universal -- for me, they're the same experience.

4. The tree in my front yard is covered in chewing gum. None of it is mine.

5. My family's garbageman became a spree killer. I like to think that the contents of our garbage had nothing to do with it, but you never know.

6. I have been in two car chases.

7. Um. I got nuthin'. Pass. of you. Organize yourselves, I'm not going to do everything around here. crantz, take care of that.
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