December 20th, 2007

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Went out to get work presents last night, spent an hour in the store, got to the cashier, and realized I had neglected to bring money or cards. Fuck. Went home, got money and cards, drove back, bailed out presents, went back to car, couldn't find car keys, went back inside to the service desk to ask if I'd left keys, found keys in coat pocket (underneath paperback book) just as I was about to say the word "keys," was told by clerk that I should really go home. Couldn't argue.

As a result of this and the massively icy streets, I am really quite unusually jumpy today. Decided to take a Valium with my milk. Forgot to open milk bottle before putting pill on tongue. Never good. Burns. Was then startled by something, slopped milk into open bottle of pills. Rescued most of them, but boy, that stuff is really absorbent. At least next time, I'll be getting extra calcium with my mellow. Or possibly e coli.

We did presents at work, and I am now well supplied with truffles, cocoa, and Starbucks. This should help improve my quality of life until the Sun comes back.

Dick Blick is having a nice clearance on art crap. I came out with a big Bristol pad, a box of stamp carving blocks, a Korean school notebook (quad), and a Moleskine city notebook (Dublin) for around $15. "Ooo! Are you going to Dublin?" "No."

You know what doesn't help my nerves? The goddamned Salvation Army bell ringers. STOP IT. Just carry air horns and be done with it.