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drabble post - She's Really Called Rosemary

TITLE: She's Really Called Rosemary
FANDOM: Hot Fuzz
AUTHOR: annlarimer
WORD COUNT: 100. 'Cause, drabble.
WARNINGS: American spelling
NOTES: The lovely stelluci posted family stories yesterday, and sparked this. C&C always welcome.
DISCLAIMER: Not my characters.
ARCHIVE: Please ask first.

She's Really Called Rosemary

Danny Butterman was in love. "Say 'Butterman.'"

The baby made a turtle face.


"That was never 'Butterman.'"

"You still don't understand the local dialect. Can we keep her?"

"No. Doris will want it back when she's out of the loo."

"We'll call her McClane Robocop Angel-hyphen-Butterman."

"That is a lovely, feminine name. Where would we keep it?"


"Riiiiiight. Do you know what to feed it?"


"Fine. I'll distract Doris, you take Robocop--"

"McClane Robocop."

"--McClane Robocop out the back, hide in the woods, and await instructions."

"Doris is standing behind me, isn't she?"

"Oh yes."
Tags: drabble nerd says what?, fanfic, fuzz fic, hot fuzz
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