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cannot cope. - Thanks, ants.
cannot cope.
Friday I went to Electrocircuitmart to look at DVD burners. The burning part isn't terribly urgent, but the drive that came with the new computer is not a DVD drive. This means no movies, and no loading pretty much any game that doesn't go wacka-wacka.

So I sat in the aisle, reading boxes and texting cybertardis with model numbers. Also chatting with a mildly hyper fella who was trying to decide between a DVD burner or a portable hard drive.

I rather like portable hard drives. They look like candy and have cunning little stripes.

Anyway, after texting cybertardis with info on what was available, I asked her, "Which should I get?" "Cheapest," she said. Well okay.

Saturday morning's mail contained a small envelope from the IRS with the ECONOMIC STIMULUS! logo. Sadly, rather than a check, it was a small letter telling me that I will soon receive a check. Fuckin' teases.

Saturday night I hooked up the burner and loaded the software. I played a DVD, then successfully burned two discs of fansub anime (yeah, I know, but until the US owners actually bother to release the damned thing, as they've been promising, loudly, for two years, fuck 'em) and did not cause an electrical fire.

Then I tested its gaminess by loading Sim City Societies, and played the tutorial.

Yes, this is one of those stories that ends with, "And the next thing I knew, it was 2 a.m."

Spent Sunday paying dearly for Saturday night. Also, my garage door broke, locking my entire family inside fortunately with the car out of the garage. There's a garage guy coming to look at it tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a festive affair. At least I know where my guvmint stimulus check is going.

My brother e-mailed me, asking if he could come collect his ex-wife's antique buffet sideboard thing. Which, since it's hers, of course he can. This is of course the piece of furniture I selected to house my new computer, in part because I knew this would magically cause him to finally come get the thing.

So if I have any stimulus left over from the garage door fella, it's going to a computer thingie.

It could all be worse. I mean, it's not like I spent much of yesterday alternating between bed and the smallest room, battling with a rather unpleasant little digestive bug.

Oh, wait. It's exactly like that.

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Flavogg heard 2 supplications or speak to the Mighty Flavogg