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artspam: Nebulous - Thanks, ants.
artspam: Nebulous
My iPhone has been serving up some excellent audio lately, including the excellent Radio 4 series Nebulous. Here's an overview with links: http://www.comedy.co.uk/guide/radio/nebulous/details/
Here are captastic diary pics -- as always, click to embiggen:

Professor Nebulous (Mark Gatiss). Raised by clowns.

Paula Breeze (Rosie Cavaliero), his PA.

Harry Hayes (Paul Putner), severely injured when Nebulous attempted to move the Isle of Wight a bit to the left.

Rory Lawson, fancies himself a ladies man and secret agent. Really, really isn't.

Gemini (Julia Dalkin), the KENT AI, with guest creatures Bawsp and Sentient Candle (Prime Minister of Spain).

First season here: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=sr_lftbox_1_1, as well as *kof* many other *kof* places around the inter*kof*net. *Kof.*

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