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"Charlie Brooker is Right About Everything" by The Attery Squash, with the lyrics. Available for a buck or so at the usual outlets. (If you're epileptic, exercise caution 20-30 seconds before the end. If you're not epileptic, exercise caution because they're fucking hideous.)
Bees by crantz

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I've been playing Animal Crossing for the DS for a couple of weeks, and I've finally figured out why it's so disturbing and why I can't stop. It's basically a really adorable version of The Prisoner. I'm Number Six (and Number One, since I've got the X button), Tom Nook is Number Two, the bees are Rover, the clothes are stupid, there is no functioning government, every episode begins with me waking up in a strange room, and if I leave, I will only end up in an identical place.