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Thanks, ants.


La Femme Crayola
7 April 1899
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User Number: 102181
Date Created:2001-04-16
Number of Posts: 1,175

"Emily Litella with the soul of a pit viper."
Strengths: Probably likes you. Difficult to shock or goad. Flypaper memory for pointless trivia. Can make sow's ear into nice pigskin coin purse.
Weaknesses: Obsolete 386 brain jams when fed too much data. Prone to obsession, emotional meltdown. Distracted by shiny objects.
Special Skills: Manual dexterity, verbal surgery, demolitions.
Weapons: Propelling pencil, keyboard, grain shovel.
Likes: Doggies, books, toys, monsters, shiny things, making stuff, lemon ice.

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