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You've RUINED CHRISTMAS by cybertardis

Dear Danny Butterman: Your movies suck.

Watched Die Hard last night, in preparation for a story I'm theoretically writing. Apart from Alan Rickman's rather delightful scenery chewing (om nom nom), it was a tedious piece of bloated crap. I'm glad I didn't pay theater money to see it back in the day, since it would only have helped to kill my love of movies that much sooner. Also, hi there James Shigeta, you are always awesome.

I did like the bit where Bruce, Alan, and stupid exec are all on the phone, and Bruce is trying to save exec's life and exec is too stupid to figure it out.

I can't help but thinking that if Bruce hadn't been there, the robbers would have stolen their crap, blown up some shit, and left. Much lower body count and less property damage.

Still, a more watchable holiday movie than The Christmas Shoes.

they call the wind OH JESUS JESUS MAKE IT STOP!

Prairie wind all weekend. Hot, except for when it was cold. This is why my ancestors used to kill their 15 children and put them up in jars for the winter.

Also, have renamed the white, foamy fountain on Centennial Mall the Money Shot Fountain, because every time I see it, it makes me wonder if Harold Edgerton ever made porn. I did not just type that.

Oh, just Google him. Leave me alone.