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what the facebook/twitter thing actually does

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My dearest LiveJournal friends list, I know you guys are upset and worried right now but..


Im sorry about shouting in large font but this is really important and I need you guys to read this very carefully as a bit of a game of telephone is happening and some things need to be set straight. Not all of you misunderstand the feature but many of you do.

The new features that were relased yesterday regarding Facebook/Twitter Connect crossposting: news post // lj_releases post // FAQ 279

First and foremost. What exactly this feature does, is allows a user to easily repost entries or comments to Facebook and Twitter. The feature to post entries to Facebook is not new, it has been on the site for quite some time now and only affected public posts.

The new feature has a few parts to it. )
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And that's an open question and when you see a bunch of people going around thinking that our President is the antichrist you have to draw one of two conclusions. Either these are racists looking for any excuse to level the next accusation or they're beyond crazy and I think beyond crazy is a better explanation and that evangelical subculture has rotted the brain of the United States of America. We have a big slice of our population waiting for Jesus to come back. They look forward to Armageddon. Good news is bad news to them. When we talk about the Left Behind series of books that I talk about in my book Crazy for God, what we're really talking about is a group of people who are resentful because they know they've been left behind. By modernity, by science, by education by art, by literature.

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your quote of the day.

Let's be honest: Thursday night Bush sounded like a kid reciting the high points of fourth grade, or a challenged patient graduating to a new level in some kind of mental health rehab institution. No one could watch that and not be shaken by it. I've had my political disagreements with my friend Chris Matthews, but he summed it up really well: It was an abomination, the depiction of a world of presidents in which "every kid gets a trophy who participates."

--Joan Walsh on salon.com