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Not Bennet, Walton. I always get that wrong.

Drove the car out to Bill. It went like a kitten for the first mile or so, but then steamed up again at 33rd Street. Bill suspects hoses. Bill's assistant, whose name I can never remember even though he's the nicest man on the planet, drove me back in his giant truck.

I told him about the thing with the timing belt and Matt. We did our little Midwestern dance of extreme politeness, since we are not a trash-talking people, but we eventually agreed that Matt is a goddamn tool.

I am just glad that the engine is making steam, and not fire. It may have been doing this for a couple of days -- the ran has been so hard and so nonstop that any vapor was invisible against the rain froth.

I do hope I have money for this.
Fucking Dying Here by quettaser

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Car hood started spewing vapor when I pulled into the garage at work. So I called Bill (NOT Matt, fuck you, Matt) from the office, and have to take it out to Bennet before 11:00 so someone is there to give me a ride back.

It has been raining for three days straight, in the same direction, and the basement window is, understandably I think, leaking.

Darkplace Thanks for the Lobotomy by ico

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It must be me! It must be my fault! Me, with my shrewish way of calling him every two or three days and asking how my car is in that nagging tone! Oh, curse my harpy-like temperament! Why can I not be kind and logical and patient???

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Good God. I went out at lunch and bought a Self-Pity Special (latte w/a shot of syrup). I haven't done that in 10 years.

If I die, I want y'all to fight out in the backyard for my stuff.