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I've been playing Animal Crossing for the DS for a couple of weeks, and I've finally figured out why it's so disturbing and why I can't stop. It's basically a really adorable version of The Prisoner. I'm Number Six (and Number One, since I've got the X button), Tom Nook is Number Two, the bees are Rover, the clothes are stupid, there is no functioning government, every episode begins with me waking up in a strange room, and if I leave, I will only end up in an identical place.
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I am playing Pokemon Ruby. Well, some red thing, anyway. "If you don't want to fight, stay out of the long grass and DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT." Yeah, good luck with that. Just like junior high.

My first Pokemon was an adorable little thing that looked like Orange Bird, but I assume less homophobic. She has now become a large chicken wearing plus-fours. I have a stone badge, and have kicked the shit out of a Mudkip. The others are a horrible screaming bunny thing whose primary power seems to be wetting itself in terror, and a patch of fungus.

I finished Spore Creatures. In order to save the galaxy, I was given the choice between attempted murder, and a dance-off. MURDER IT IS, THEN.

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Walked to bookstore, got some new stuff. Went from there to Target (the Haunted Serial Killer Woods have been cut down, so there's a shortcut now), got ten tons of groceries, took it home in a cab.

The taxi driver, Ms DeNiro, was reading an ancient, coverless Zenna Henderson (not while driving). We both agree that nothing is funnier than a McDonald's on a Thursday morning, when 800 old people meet for coffee.

Speaking of driving while reading, when you're on a bus you can look down directly into people's cars. Saw a woman driving with an open novel in her lap the other day. Sadly, the jacket was the wrong color for Twilight, which would have made it stupidly perfect.

Also, little kids in the backs of cars will look up at you and wave. :D

Plants vs. Zombies continues to be awesome. One of the mini-games is Slot Machine. I've found you can use it for the equivalent of leveling, and am raising $20,000 for an extra plant slot. There are levels where half the yard is covered in fog, and it's genuinely scary -- at least as much as a game with Michael Jackson and back-up dancer zombies can be.
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Dear Bejeweled Voice Guy:

You sound like you're wearing a pig head and are about to tell me where you've hidden the key to my handcuffs. What's that spoon for?

Your pal,