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Hot Fuzz movie memorabilia up for auction for Somerset flood relief


Want to support the Somerset Community Foundation Flood appeal and grab a unique piece of movie memorabilia?

Now’s your chance.

The letters from the old Somerfield store in Wells High Street, used in the hit movie Hot Fuzz, are to go under the hammer.

The letters, signed by one-time Wells Regal Cinema junior projectionist turned film director Edgar Wright and movie stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are to put up for sale by auction to aid the appeal.

The signs were saved by Wells Journal when the store’s owners, the Co-operative, rebranded the High Street supermarket in June 2010. The letters were signed then by Edgar, Simon and Nick with the intention of auctioning them off as movie memorabilia - but a suitable cause was never properly identified, and the letters have been sitting in a store room waiting for their final day in the spotlight.

Edgar donated £500 to a young film maker’s media centre for the letter S from the old Somerfield sign in the High Street, with one of the ‘e’s also snapped up for a charitable donation.

At the time Edgar said: “It means more to me than it could ever do to any movie geek,” he said and made this newspaper an offer we couldn’t refuse – £500 for the letter, to be donated to the Somerset Film at the Engine Room in Bridgwater, which nurtures Somerset’s emerging film-making talents.

The Somerfield store was a central part of Hot Fuzz being run by the villainous Simon Skinner, played by Timothy Dalton, and was the exterior location of the movie’s final shoot-out.

When the shop-fitters went to work and before it all went into a skip, and with the Co-operative’s approval, the Journal got its hands on the signs as a unique piece of movie memorabilia.

Would-be bidders looking for a piece of British cinema history should send an email to otheryvillagehall@hotmail.com with their maximum bid, or write to Othery Village Hall, Fore Street, Othery Somerset, TA7 OQU by Wednesday March 19. Ensure you give a name address and contact phone number.

Read more: http://www.wellsjournal.co.uk/Hot-Fuzz-Movie-memorabilia-auction-flood-relief/story-20727149-detail/story.html#ixzz2udCbEzwo

Signal Boost: Return of the DDoS

Originally posted by deathpixie at Signal Boost: Return of the DDoS
For those wanting to know more about the recent DDoS attacks, yes, it looks like it was the Russian government trying to shut down the dissidents again.

As I said last time, while it's frustrating not to have access, LJ is a lot more than a social network platform. From the article:

"LiveJournal isn’t just a social network. It’s also a platform for organizing civic action. Dozens of network projects and groups mobilize people to solve specific problems — from defending the rights of political prisoners to saving endangered historic architecture in Moscow."

So while I know many are considering the move over to Dreamwidth and other such sites, supporting LJ is a way we can help support those who use it for more than a writing/roleplaying/social venue.

Also, as a FYI, LJ is giving paid users effected by the outage two weeks of paid time as compensation.