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I am playing Pokemon Ruby. Well, some red thing, anyway. "If you don't want to fight, stay out of the long grass and DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT." Yeah, good luck with that. Just like junior high.

My first Pokemon was an adorable little thing that looked like Orange Bird, but I assume less homophobic. She has now become a large chicken wearing plus-fours. I have a stone badge, and have kicked the shit out of a Mudkip. The others are a horrible screaming bunny thing whose primary power seems to be wetting itself in terror, and a patch of fungus.

I finished Spore Creatures. In order to save the galaxy, I was given the choice between attempted murder, and a dance-off. MURDER IT IS, THEN.


Spore: The Whole Friggin' Game arrived yesterday. I'm RAMshy enough to make it a bit crashy, but it's still bitchin' keen so far. The music, graphics, and camera are all improved from Creature Creator. It's even slightly easier to read the painting thumbnails. But only slightly.

To start the game, you pick a planet (they're bigger than the Little Prince's planet, but you can probably walk around the thing in half an hour -- I assume they have magical superdense cores to keep the gravity on) and name it. Okay, Planet Butter. Then you make your first microscopic critter, with limited parts, and set him loose.

A meteor appears from behind the local sun (Buttersol), and hits Planet Butter, breaking up in the atmosphere. You follow a chunk that crashes into the ocean. In the sea, your meteor fragment splits open, and behold, the critter you just made emerges...Protobutter.

Millions of years pass, as you guide Protobutter through the ocean. He eats, he grows, he mates, he gets poisoned and electrocuted by bigger cells...aw, GODDAMMIT! But the nice thing about microscopic life is there's always another, and whatever befalls the Protobutter of the moment, there are more to carry on. Until, a bazillion years later, you've evolved to relative hugeness, you've acquired some defenses (or, in Protobutter's case, not really, because his operator has no idea what she's doing), and CLICK IF YOU'RE READY TO EVOLVE.

Well okay.

Protobutter acquires a pair of legs, a couple more parts, and general rearranging for life out of the water.

Then...and this bit is awesome...a whole swarm of your guys race out of the surf and up onto dry land for the first time.

Sadly, Protobutter was torn to bits by predators on his first trip out of the nest. He is survived by his family, Mrsbutter and the Bittybutters, and the other inhabitants of the Butternest.
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New batch of cheapass games at Best Buy. Bought and loaded City of Heroes, but I need just thiiiiiiiiiiis much more memory to play it without the computer going into Blinky Distress OMGWTF Mode. Happily I'm told this isn't difficult. Apparently you just feed RAM chips into the vent holes until the CPU stops making a chikka chikka noise when you shake it. Made two heroes, La Solelle (speaks in horrible schoolgirl French in an attempt to protect her secret identity), and Maiden Ant.

Other games: Cubis, which is sort of like Bejeweled, except interesting, and with actual goals. I may have sort of accidentally stayed up until 1:30 playing it. Also without the goddamned annoying Millennial British game show music. And Chainz, which isn't quite as fun as it should be, but gets bonus points for having a faux-Ray Scott soundtrack.